Learning the vi Editor (Nutshell Handbook)

Learning the vi Editor (Nutshell Handbook)

by Arnold Robbins (Author), Linda Lamb (Author), Linda Lamb (Author), Arnold Robbins (Author)


For many users, working in the UNIX environment means using vi, a full-screen text editor available on most UNIX systems. Even those who know vi often make use of only a small number of its features. This newly updated edition is a complete guide to text editing with vi. New topics include multiscreen editing and coverage of four viclones: vim, elvis, nvi, and vile and their enhancements to vi, such as multi-window editing, GUI interfaces, extended regular expressions, and enhancements for programmers. A new appendix describes vi's place in the UNIX and Internet cultures. Quickly learn the basics of editing, cursor movement, and global search and replacement. Then take advantage of the more subtle power of vi. Extend your editing skills by learning to use ex, a powerful line editor, from within vi. For easy reference, this new edition also includes a command summary at the end of each appropriate chapter. Topics covered include: Basic editing Moving around in a hurry Beyond the basics Greater power with ex Global search and replacement Customizing vi and ex Command shortcuts Introduction to the vi clones' extensions The nvi, elvis, vim, and vile editors Quick reference to vi and ex commands vi and the Internet


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Edition: 6
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Published: 01 Nov 1998

ISBN 10: 1565924266
ISBN 13: 9781565924260

Author Bio
Linda Lamb is an editor with O'Reilly & Associates, currently working on a new series of in-depth, consumer health books, Patient Centered Guides. She has worked with O'Reilly for 14 years in various guises, including technical writer, editor of technical books, and marketing manager. vi is still her favorite text editor, by far. It's fast, powerful, and ergonomic. Arnold Robbins, an Atlanta native is a professional programmer and technical author. He has been working with UNIX systems since 1980, when he was introduced to a PDP-11 running a version of Sixth Edition UNIX. He was forced to learn vi around 1983 when his graduate school's VAX UNIX system did not have a port of the locally-written screen editor, and has been using it ever since. He has also been a heavy awk user since 1987, when he became involved with gawk, the GNU project's version of awk. As a member of the POSIX 1003.2 balloting group, he helped shape the POSIX standard for awk. He is currently the maintainer of gawk and its documentation. THe documentation is available fromt he Free Software Foundation (http://ww.gnu.org) and has also been published by SSC (http://www.ssc.com) as Effective AWK Programming. He is also co-author of the second edition of O'Reilly's sed & awk. Since late 1997, he and his family have been living happily in Israel.