Zero Moment (The Joshua Files #3)

Zero Moment (The Joshua Files #3)

by M . G . Harris (Author)


Josh thinks he has discovered the key to time travel. Should he use it to go back in time and save his father? Ixchel knows what he intends to do. Should she stop him? Before they can decide, Ixchel is kidnapped by the people who want to see an ancient prophecy predicting the end of the world in 2012 come true. It's up to Josh to save Ixchel and possibly save the world. Time is running out in the exhilarating third part of the best-selling Joshua Files.


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Format: Special Limited Edition
Pages: 384
Edition: 1
Publisher: Scholastic Children's Books UK
Published: 01 Feb 2010

ISBN 10: 1407111027
ISBN 13: 9781407111025
Children’s book age: 9-11 Years