by Catherine Forde (Author)


Grampa Dan has just died. Danny notices the smell of his bedroom and the banging of his stick have gone, but gradually notices what else is missing. It was his forgotten Richard who uncovered Grampa Dan's secret, while Danny was out with the dangerous Jakey, cutting school, listening to the violent lyrics of his favourite band, Skarrs. Danny would like to clean up his act, get together with the gorgeous Ali, but he can't escape Jakey's gang, even when the police come asking questions. Running from Jakey's revenge, Danny turns to Richard, and at last hears the truth: Grampa Dan, always hearing Skarrs' lyrics about concentration camps pounding through the wall from Danny's bedroom, had himself been a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp. He left a Bible, every page covered with sketches cataloguing his experiences. Danny and Richard together present an exhibition on the experience of prisoners of war. Danny has finally looked around him, seen his life for real, and knows this is his last chance.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd
Published: 05 Aug 2004

ISBN 10: 140520947X
ISBN 13: 9781405209472