Sun Over Mountain: A Course in Creative Imagery

Sun Over Mountain: A Course in Creative Imagery

by JessicaWilliamsMacbeth (Author)


'Sun Over Mountain' is a course in the use of imagery to help us to choose and to create the lives that we want. In this book three strands are interwoven. As a 'how to' book, it explains in detail the creation and use of imagery journeys for a wide variety of purposes - relaxation, stress reduction, healing, insight, and inner growth. As a personal journey, it offers us a carefully planned guide to the exploration and transformation of our inner worlds and to changing the ways that we function in the outer world. As an inner re-education process, it helps us to develop a dynamic balance between left and right brain, leading us naturally to a more holistic way of thinking. We may then realise more of our creative potential in problem-solving, self-healing, personal development and joyous living. Muz Murray says, ' 'Sun Over Mountain' is the most fulfilling book of creative visualisation I have encountered. It is inspiring to read and even more to practise. You will journey with a very sensitive and sympathetic guide who well knows the way.' 'Sun Over Mountain' is suitable both for beginners and for therapists and teachers who wish to expand and enhance their use of imagery in groups or individual work. It is a companion of 'Moon Over Water', which covers another important aspect of inner work. Other books by Jessica MacBeth Moon Over Water.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Gateway
Published: 17 Sep 1993

ISBN 10: 0946551677
ISBN 13: 9780946551675