Counselling and Helping (Psychology in action)

Counselling and Helping (Psychology in action)

by Stephen Murgatroyd (Author)


This book offers a basic introduction to the skills of counseling and helping. It gives a clear picture of the potential of counseling and also highlights possible limitations. Assessing the situation in regards to your own skills and capabilities is discussed as well as the ethical and moral considerations which need to be made.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 174
Publisher: Wiley–Blackwell
Published: 29 Jan 1985

ISBN 10: 0901715417
ISBN 13: 9780901715418

Media Reviews
'Written by a counselling psychologist , this book sets out to offer, without using jargon or technical language, an introduction to the basic skills of counselling and helping. Much of the material is drawn from the author's clinical practice and has the authentic ring of reflection upon his experience ...This is a book which could be read at a number of levels. It gives a clear picture of the potentialities (and limitations) of counselling which could interest the new counsellor. I think it might be of more value to the counsellor of some experience who can recognise the situations described and integrate them with his / her own working practice. The counsellor of some years standing might also find stimulation here to sharpen up practice or to explore a new approach.'Marriage Guidance.
Author Bio
Professor Stephen Murgatroyd is Chief Operating Officer for Lifeskills International Ltd., UK, with many years' experience as a counsellor trainer.