A Student's Guide to Studying Psychology

A Student's Guide to Studying Psychology

by ThomasM.Heffernan (Author)


This second edition of this guide to studying psychology, now updated and extended, remains a useful tool for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, along with those deciding whether to take psychology as an academic subject. Providing insights into critical aspects of studying psychology, it has an easy follow format and practical nature. Topics covered include: perspectives within psychology; making the most of seminars, tutorials and lectures; how to write essays and empirical reports; guidelines on exam preparation and technique; and information on careers in psychology and tips for applying for jobs, including how to write your own curriculum vitae.


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Format: Student Edition
Pages: 240
Edition: 1
Publisher: Psychology Press
Published: 14 Sep 2000

ISBN 10: 0863778739
ISBN 13: 9780863778735

Media Reviews
'We are faced with the usual hysteria surrounding the apparent decline of traditional subjects like maths and physics, and the concomitant rise of supposedly 'soft' subjects such as psychology. But Heffernan's guide effectively dispels this unflattering distinction; introducing the prospective psychology undergraduate to the multidimensionality and robust scientific credentials of the contemporary discipline. And for those navigating the ealry stages of their degree course, the book includes thorough and focused sections on empirical report writing, research methodology and examination preparation. Refreshingly, Heffernan emphasises the importance of 'critical analysis' and 'understanding' - values that must be internalised by those who aspire to enter the applied fields that are cogently outlined in the final chapter.' - Andy Medley, University Hospital Birmingham, in The Psychologist, January 2006.
Author Bio
Thomas M. Heffernan is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Northumbria