The Moderniser's Dilemma: Radical Politics in the Age of Blair

The Moderniser's Dilemma: Radical Politics in the Age of Blair

by Mark Perryman (Editor), Anne Coddington (Author), PerrymanMar (Author)


Tony Blair's government promises the making of a new Britain. A constitutional revolution, welfare to work and lifelong learning have become the lexicon of a political reformation. The labels left and right have been superseded by the claims of the new and the defeat of the old, modernization versus traditionalism are the faultlines that determine politics today. This text explores the varying options for radical politics that exist on the terrain of the new Labour Britain - options which pose difficult choices as assessments of Blair's Premiership begin to take shape. Yet the choices will help determine whether the radicalism of the early 21st century will reproduce the progressive principles and policies of the past 100 years, or will be founded on new values and visions. Party reform, the restructuring of the British state, the competing claims of the theories of modernization, and the potential appeal of an alternative politics of the new are all chronicled in this text.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 280
Publisher: Lawrence & Wishart Ltd
Published: 16 Oct 1998

ISBN 10: 0853158746
ISBN 13: 9780853158745

Author Bio
Mark Perryman is a contributor to the New Statesman, he also convenes the highly regarded research group Signs of the Times. He is the editor of Altered States (L&W 1994) and The Blair Agenda (L&W 1996) - Ann Coddington is a former editor of New Times, author and broadcaster.