The Mystical Crystal: Expanding Your Crystal Consciousness

The Mystical Crystal: Expanding Your Crystal Consciousness

by Geoffrey Keyte (Author)


Awareness of, and interest in, the therapeutic properties of crystals have grown enormously in the last few years as users have discovered the wide range of their beneficial effects. From his experience as Founder of The Crystal Research Foundation and Director of Crystal 2000, Geoffrey Keyte is able to explain electrocrystal therapy, and to detail healing methods, massage and relaxation. There are also insights into the origins of crystal therapy and its application to yoga and the chakras. With none of the obscurity which so often accompanies works on crystal healing, this book will be of immediate interest and benefit to New Age discoverers and all concerned with a balanced natural therapy for a healthy self.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Publisher: C W Daniel
Published: 27 Aug 1993

ISBN 10: 0852072694
ISBN 13: 9780852072691
Book Overview: Comprehensive advice, in simple language, on the many applications of crystal therapy, healing and techniques

Author Bio
Geoffrey Keyte pioneered Crystal Healing in the UK, tutoring the first Crystal Healing Certificated Courses in the UK. He is well known as a Crystal Healing Master on the world wide web, with some 35 years of experience in spiritual research, psychic counselling, crystal healing, reiki, past-life regression, massage and reflexology. He has written and published several books and many articles on metaphysical and archaeological matters. He lives in Co Kerry, Ireland.