The Guinness Book of Astronomy

The Guinness Book of Astronomy

by CBE DSc FRAS Sir Patrick Moore (Author)


Intended for amateur enthusiasts and professional astronomers alike, this reference book reflects the many developments in the world of astronomy since the fourth edition was published. These include the comet impact on Jupiter, powerful telescopes such as the improved Hubble Space Telescope, recent theories about the origins of the universe, and planetary explorations by spacecraft. The book also contains a detailed star catalogue with finder charts, solar and lunar eclipses up to the year 2006, and potted sections on glows and atmospheric effects, star distances and movements, variable stars, clusters and nebulae. Lighter anecdotes tell of events such as the only cricket match to be interrupted by an eclipse, the narrowest escape anyone has had from a meteorite, and the asteroid that had its name auctioned off.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
Edition: 5
Publisher: Guinness World Records Limited
Published: 01 Sep 1995

ISBN 10: 085112643X
ISBN 13: 9780851126432