Bang!: The Complete History of the Universe

Bang!: The Complete History of the Universe

by Brian May (Author), Chris Lintott (Author), Brian May (Author), Chris Lintott (Author), Patrick Moore (Author)


Who knows what Brian May was thinking when he wrote We Will Rock You for Queen? As a lifelong astrophysics aficionado, he may have been thinking about the origins of the universe. He's certainly been thinking about it lately. May, a freshly minted astrophysics Ph.D., joins forces with legendary astronomer Patrick Moore and astrophysicist Chris Lintott in Bang! to consider the history of the universe from the Big Bang to Heat Death. Space, time, and matter were birthed 13.7 billion years ago and will continue on longer than we are able to comprehend. Infinitesimally small at first, the Universe is immense and ever expanding. Bang! explains how it all started, takes you on a tour of what is known about the evolution of the Universe, and posits how the end of time will come about. This fascinating book includes photographs, short biographies of key figures, an at-a-glance timeline, a glossary of terms, and suggested resources for further exploration. Based on the work of history's most brilliant scientific minds, this amazing story features clear, straightforward discussions of the most perplexing and compelling aspects of existence-from the formation of stars, planets, and other galactic bodies to black holes, quasars, anti-matter, and dark matter to the emergence of life and the possibility that it could exist elsewhere. Pick up a copy of Bang! It will, it will rock you.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 170
Edition: 2nd ed.
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Published: 10 Apr 2008

ISBN 10: 0801889855
ISBN 13: 9780801889851

Media Reviews
Highly recommended for community library astrology collections and for anyone who wants a unbiased look at the universe itself. * Midwest Book Review *
The story is told in clear, straightforward terms, in the strict order in which the events happened, and uses no mathematics. -- Steve Goddard * History Wire - Where the Past Comes Alive *
There's at least one rock star who knows a thing or two about real stars. -- Jeff Foust * Space Review *
The scope of the book is ambitious; its hard to cram in antimatter and inflation in one chapter and then skip to planetary science and biology in the next. Still, the authors do a wonderful job tackling a broad array of cosmic subjects. This is just the kind of book that would have fired up my imagination as a kid!... In the end, Bang! is an excellent illustrated compendium for what are perhaps weightier and less accessible tomes. * *
Stunningly illustrated... breathtaking views of galaxies. * Journal for the History of Astronomy *
It basically takes the reader on a tour of the entire universe, and tells you everything you wants to know... It's beautifully described, accurate and they feature fantastic photography. If you like astronomy and those Hubble pictures on the Internet, don't know much but would love to learn more, this would be a great book for you. -- Philip Plait * FiveBooks *
Author Bio
Brian May is the founding guitarist of the rock band Queen and a longtime astrophysics enthusiast. He recently was awarded a Ph.D. in the field by the University of London. Patrick Moore has been studying astronomy since long before mankind made it into space and was knighted for his service to the science. He is the host of The Sky at Night, the author of more than 70 astronomy books, and the co-founder and former president of the Society for Popular Astronomy. Chris Lintott is an astrophysicist who specializes in star formation.