Everywhere We Go: The Changing Face of Football Violence (20-20 Special Edition)

Everywhere We Go: The Changing Face of Football Violence (20-20 Special Edition)

by Dougie Brimson (Author), Dougie Brimson (Author), Eddy Brimson (Author)


For many years, football fans and violence have been linked in the public mind. However, after the Hillsborough disaster and the Taylor Report, grounds and policing matches improved. It began to seem as if the football hooligan was a dying breed - but the riot at Lansdowne Road in Dublin showed that he was still thriving. In fact, as the authors explain, he never went away he simply changed his tactics. In this shocking and revealing book, football fans describe in their own frank words why they get involved in violence and how it is now organised. They tell of their contempt for those who try to analyse their backgrounds (most are in work and well paid, not unemployed) and their motivation. While not condoning the fans' behaviour, the authors show how the authorities have consistently made the wrong decisions in trying to combat hooliganism and suggest a way forward for the game.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Headline Review
Published: 03 Apr 2006

ISBN 10: 0755315197
ISBN 13: 9780755315192

Media Reviews
* 'Probably the best book ever written on football violence' - Daily Mail * 'Offers a grim insight into the mind of the football thug' - Daily Mirror * 'This honest, funny and refreshingly direct account achieves its aim of toppling a few careless stereotypes' - Independent on Sunday * 'Everywhere We Go is the most detailed account yet from fans involved with football violence' - Total Football
Author Bio
Born in 1959, Dougie Brimson is a former football hooligan who spent 18 years in the RAF. He is the co-author of four non-fiction books on hooliganism with his brother Eddy, and two on his own. He has written three novels for Headline, including THE CREW, which is being developed into a film.