Arts of Prophecy

Arts of Prophecy

by David Bourne (Author), David Bourne (Author), William Adcock (Author), Staci Medoza (Author), Staci Mendoza (Author)


Bringing together three of the best-known modes of divination - tarot, the I-Ching and palm reading - this book is designed for readers new to these arts as well as for those who want to expand their knowledge into another field. The section on tarot includes the history of the tarot deck, how to do a reading and how to interpret the cards in relation to the rest of the deck. Readers can learn how to unravel the secrets of the universe with I-Ching and how to gain insight into a person's personality by doing a palm reading. This illustrated guide aims to allow the reader to achieve greater control of their destiny and to find their true path in life.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Published: 31 Oct 2003

ISBN 10: 0754811522
ISBN 13: 9780754811527

Author Bio
Staci Mendoza is a palmist and tarot reader. Born in Santa Barbara, California Staci now lives in Littlehampton UK, where she runs a New Age information store called Way and Back. She gives corporate readings and lectures extensively on tarot and palm reading for the past 14 years. David Bourne's work with tarot is historically based. Staci and David have worked together for ten years. Will Adcock is a writer. His first exposure to the I-Ching was during a time of great change in his life and the advice he received was fundamental in shaping his approach. Since then he has studied its underlying philosophy, and continues to call on it in his life.