The Hidden Life Of Dogs LATEST

The Hidden Life Of Dogs LATEST

by ElizabethMarshallThomas (Author)


Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to your dog? Or what it smells like? Do dogs have dreams and, if so, what about? And are dogs really capable of emotion? THE HIDDEN LIFE OF DOGS was a sensational bestseller on first publication and is now considered a classic. In her riveting account of thirty years spent living with dogs, wolves and dingoes, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas provides a fascinating insight into a species very different from our own, yet in many respects surprisingly familiar.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: 3
Publisher: Phoenix
Published: 07 Aug 2003

ISBN 10: 0753817292
ISBN 13: 9780753817292
Book Overview: One of the first - and bestselling - books to unlock the secrets behind dog behaviour.

Media Reviews
'What is extraordinary about this little, reissued and much loved classic isnot so much the secret lives of dogs, but the life of the woman who wrote it. . . Is this astonishing woman, who has similiarly observed and writen about warrior herdsmen and cats, barking? I cannot say, but her book is utterly compelling.' Daily Mail, 19-09-2004.
Author Bio
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is the author of The Harmless People, a non-fiction work about the !Kung Bushmen of southwestern Africa, and of Reindeer Moon, a novel about the paleolithic hunter-gatherers of Siberia, both of which were tremendous international successes. She lives in New Hampshire.