Road To Riches

Road To Riches

by PeterJay (Author)


Road to Riches is the story of the rise and fall of whole economies and nations, and the ascent of man as the only economic animal - as producer, consumer and accumulator of wealth. Ideas about the story of the wealth of man are constantly changing. Peter Jay explains how the economic machine works and how far beyond our control it really is. Peter Jay has spent his working life in both Britain and America, following and explaining the day-to-day twists and turns of fortune throughout the world. As he searches for deeper explanations of the forces that disturb our complacency and change our lives, he has felt the need to reach further back into history to find more enduring truths about complexities of economic patterns.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 464
Edition: New
Publisher: Phoenix
Published: 02 Aug 2001

ISBN 10: 0753812649
ISBN 13: 9780753812648
Book Overview: A high-profile and promotable author - Peter Jay is Economics Editor of the BBC 'He has a good eye for arresting stories and examples: his tales of early civilisations and medieval technologies are absorbing' Economist 'Not just a compelling account of human endeavour over the past 10,000 years - but an indispensable guide to the purpose of, and demands on, the political process in the years ahead' Evening Standard 'Narrative and analysis are combined to produce an economic history of the human species that is at once enjoyable to read and consistently illuminating' New Statesman 'A clear and illuminating narrative which describes the main episodes in man's road to riches and traces the connections between them. The book draws heavily on the academic literature, but is written, as the author puts it, by a layman for a layman' Sunday Telegraph

Author Bio
Peter Jay has been the BBC's Economics editor since 1990. Educated Winchester and Christ Church, Oxford (1st class honours in PPE) he was also President of the Oxford Union. He spent six years in the Treasury before joining The Times in 1967 as Economics Editor. One of the founders of TV-am, he also presented LWT Weekend World for five years. Between 1977-79 he was British Ambassador in Washington.