Gardeners' Question Time - All Your Gardening Problems Solved (BBC Radio 4)

Gardeners' Question Time - All Your Gardening Problems Solved (BBC Radio 4)

by Anne Swithinbank (Author), Bob Flowerdew (Author), Bunny Guinness (Author), Bob Flowerdew (Author), Bunny Guinness (Author), Anne Swithinbank (Author), Pippa Greenwood (Author), John Cushnie (Author)


More than perhaps any programme GQT embodies the essence of Radio Four. For over 50 years it has been at, or near the top of, the radio charts and now draws 1.3 million listeners each week and broadcasts 45 programmes each year. Recordings attract dedicated audiences of between 250 and 750 - depending on the size of the venue. The GQT 'millennium' programme was a compilation of the top ten most asked questions over 50 years (the number one question is 'how can I control slugs in the garden'). When researching this programme it appeared that over the years there are just 400 or so questions or variants of questions which cover 95 percent of all the those asked. The book will be a compilation of these questions and answers. Section one will be the top ten, followed by five sections: Pests & Diseases, Fruit, Veg, Ornamentals, Trees & Shrubs with the 80 most asked questions in each. The answers keep the chatty style of the show but incorporate appropriate specialist information, organic alternatives from Bob Flowerdew, pest treatments from Pippa Greenwood, design tips from Nigel Colborn and so on. The book will be illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs to illustrate diseases and techniques and each Q&A will take up between half page and two pages. There will be a comprehensive cross reference index - in the manner of our 'Trade Secrets' book.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Orion BBC
Published: 05 Oct 2000

ISBN 10: 0752838083
ISBN 13: 9780752838083

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