Collector's Lot:Nation of Collector: A Nation of Collectors

Collector's Lot:Nation of Collector: A Nation of Collectors

by Chrissie Kravchenko (Author)


Linked to the Channel 4 programme, Collector's Lot , which takes a light-hearted approach to antiques and collectables, this book offers information and advice on a number of popular categories such as film and television memorabilia, postcards, toys and games, textiles and rejectamenta. Each chapter begins with a personal story about a unique collection (Margaret Tyler's royal memorabilia, the Reverend Butler's funeral artefacts, Madeline Marsh's clothes from the 1950s), accompanied by the social history of individual items. The author also discusses the field more generally, recommending related collections and ways of getting started. A reference section contains addresses of collector's clubs and museums, guidance on collecting and the law, and suggestions for storage and display.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Edition: Main Market
Publisher: Boxtree
Published: 23 Oct 1998

ISBN 10: 0752221965
ISBN 13: 9780752221960