Hollyoaks:Luke's Journal

Hollyoaks:Luke's Journal

by NeilJones (Author)


A sequel to Luke's Secret Diary tying into Channel 4's youth soap Hollyoaks; Following Luke as he tries to leave the past behind him after the rape and get his life back on track, Luke's Journal: A New Beginning will expands on events that viewers didn't see on their TV screens. It reveals what he did in his month in France, his innermost feelings about knowing that his attackers are finally behind bars and his controversial decision to sell his story to the tabloids. But things are getting better for Luke and Finn's stag night in Barcelona was the first time Luke had let his hair down in a long time. Although his relationship with Mandy is not as close as he would like, he made new friendships. Ben is confident and charming: all the things that Luke was before the attack. But his envy spirals into rage when he discovers that Ben and Mandy are more than just friends and have been keeping their relationship from him. Through this Luke finally realises that he must move on and leave the past behind him.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Edition: Main Market
Publisher: Channel 4
Published: 22 Jun 2001

ISBN 10: 0752219545
ISBN 13: 9780752219547