Baits and Artificial Lures

Baits and Artificial Lures

by JohnWilson (Author)


Selecting and presenting the most appropriate bait is no easy task. Yet, while challenging, it is hugely rewarding to find a bait which is not already suspicious to the fish and which is readily available.

This book is packed with information on a wide variety of natural baits, manufactured baits, particle baits, boilies and others. John Wilson offers a refreshing and detailed insight into the countless options for the angler as well as dealing with the presentaiton of baits and the suitability of each bait for different species.

Using John Wilson's advice can only improve your catch and increase your pleasure in fishing.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 9999
Edition: Main Market
Publisher: Boxtree
Published: 23 Mar 2001

ISBN 10: 0752219294
ISBN 13: 9780752219295