Pure Deception

Pure Deception

by David Michie (Author)


Mark Watson doesn't take much notice of the news when the head of Berkeley Square Cosmetics is gruesomely attacked in London. Mark has just been wooed to LA to be groomed as the new singing partner to the rock star, Isis. Still not totally believing his good luck he allows himself to be 'made over' - new wardrobe, new hair style, new name - until he's not too sure who he really is. Even when he learns that he and Isis have a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Berkeley Square, Mark doesn't make the connection between the violence in London and his new role. Then someone targets them in a bomb attack and Mark wakes up with a jolt. Unable to fathom Isis's over-hysterical reaction, Mark determines not only to survive with his life and his career intact, but also to discover who the real Isis is and why she should be so vulnerable to threats. It's a path which leads him into chilling danger and which makes him wish he'd never entertained an ambition to be famous. Visit the author's website at www.davidmichie.com


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Sphere
Published: 25 Feb 2002

ISBN 10: 0751530921
ISBN 13: 9780751530926
Book Overview: * High-profile advertising to include Adrail and London Underground 4-sheet poster campaign * Review coverage * Submitted for trade promotions * Reading copies available

Media Reviews
Mark Watson is delighted to be offered the chance to go to L A and be groomed as the new singing partner to the rock star Isis. He is given a new name, new wardrobe, new hairstyle - but even knowing about Isis' multi-million endorsement deal with Berkeley Square Cosmetics whose head has been violently attacked in London, he cannot understand her over-hysterical reaction. Then he discovers her real identity and why they are now both in a very real, chilling danger.
Author Bio
David Michie was born in Zimbabwe of Scottish parents, educated in South Africa, and worked in the UK before moving to Perth with his Australian wife. He is currently working on his fourth novel.