Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

by David Michie (Author)


Mike Cullen has created the most effective PR agency in London. His client list comprises a veritable who's who from the FTSE 100, and the cream of the crop is Starwear, the world's leading sports wear manufacturer. Nathan Strauss, Chairman of Starwear, is respected throughout the business world for his straightforward ethics, and the business community is rocked when he commits suicide. So too is Chris Treiger, an analyst who has just been head-hunted by Cullen to head up a major piece of research for Starwear. Nathan's brother Jacob immediately steps in to Nathan's shoes, and it seems that the company will continue as before. However Chris realises that all is not right with either the company or the agency and his unease rapidly turns to fear when his erstwhile lover, an investigative journalist, turns up some highly damaging facts. But can he trust her? Or has the world of PR hype and its trick mirrors affected his judgement, perhaps his sanity? A remarkable debut thriller of chilling authenticity.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 464
Edition: New
Publisher: Sphere
Published: 18 Jan 2001

ISBN 10: 0751529567
ISBN 13: 9780751529562
Book Overview: GBP50,000 JOINT PROMOTION WITH PURE DECEPTION * Joint advertising on the London Underground and at mainline stations nationwide * POS to include poster and mixed hb/pb display bin with custom header * Author PR activity to include media interviews and features *Consumer competition to win GBP1,000 flagged on all advertising and POS * Submitted for trade promotions * Reading copies available

Media Reviews
David Michie brilliantly portrays the mounting panic and fear when caught in an impossible situation with nowhere to run - a feeling I know all too well! The best book I've read in a long while. Nick Leeson When it comes to writing about the world of PR skulduggery, Michie is an insider trading on his strengths THE TIMES A thriller which throws in enough plot twists and tense set pieces to keep Grisham fans happy...but which also contains the added attraction of providing an insider's view of a world about which most people are oblivious. PUBLISHING NEWS Thrillers have been set in many different milieux, but by setting Conflict of Interest in the cut-throat world of corporate PR, David Michie has created a unique setting for his highly accomplished narrative. Chris Teiger thinks that he's landed the job of a lifetime: GBP120,000 a year, a top-of-the-range company BMW and the opportunity to work alongside billionaire Nathan Strauss, top dog of the sportswear business. But as Chris prepares for his new job, catast
Author Bio
David Michie was born in Zimbabwe of Scottish parents and educated in South Africa. He moved to London in the 1980s and worked as an analyst in P.R. Is the author of a non-fiction expose of the world of PR, THE INVISIBLE PERSUADERS. This is his first novel.