Kabbalah Made Easy

Kabbalah Made Easy

by Barrie Dolnick (Author)


An accessible and energising book on the hottest phenomenon in spirituality. Madonna is doing it. Demi and Ashton are doing it, too. And if you're wondering what Kabbalah is all about then this is the book for you. Kabbalah might sound like some new, cool fad invading Hollywood, but it's much, much more than that. Kabbalah is an ancient body of knowledge, a mystical pathway and a complex model based on a concept entitled 'The Tree of Life', which explains what or who God is, who you are, and most importantly, who you can be. Chapters include:* Getting Started with Kabbalah* Creation* The Tree of Life* Tree of Life Power Centre: Symbolic and Practical Use* The Significance of Numbers and Letters* Angels, Evil and the Soul's Journey* Deeper Explorations of Kabbalah* Living the Enlightened Life* Bibliography and Suggested Reading.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Published: 09 Mar 2006

ISBN 10: 0749926899
ISBN 13: 9780749926892

Author Bio
Barrie Dolnick is an author and journalist who has written a number of previous titles. She specialises in writing about mysticism and alternative thinking.