10 Steps to Psychic Power

10 Steps to Psychic Power

by Cassandra Eason (Author)


We all have psychic powers, but in our hectic modern world our abilities are often overlooked or non-existent. Simple, easy-to-follow help is at hand - 10 Steps to Psychic Development offers a straightforward, step-by-step programme to reawaken your hidden talents. Packed with ideas and techniques drawn from many traditions, this book shows you how to use your intuition and make a permanent connection with the spirit world. Features a huge range of topics including: - How to prepare yourself for spiritual work - How to develop the psychic senses - clairsentinence, clairaudience, clairvoyance and psychometry - How to master techniques such as relaxation, visualisation, meditation and pranic breathing - How to protect yourself while carrying out psychic work - How to use tools and props such as tarot, runes, positive thinking, spells and rituals, astrology, etc. - How to work with auras, chakras, colour, distance healing, 'chi' and meridians, and with nature, the elements and the planets - How to tap into other dimensions through dreams and out-of-body experiences - How to connect with the spirit world through mediumship, fairies and elementals, angels, channelling and automatic writing - How to work towards mystical experiences and prophecy - advanced meditation, mantras, mandalas, I Ching and altered states


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Published: 28 Mar 2002

ISBN 10: 0749922931
ISBN 13: 9780749922931

Author Bio
Cassandra Eason is an international bestselling author and broadcaster on psychic and spiritual experience and folklore. She is the author of more than forty titles, including Encyclopedia of Magic and Ancient Wisdom, The Complete Guide to Psychic Development, Psychic Awareness and A Complete Guide to Magic and Ritual.