The Hornet's Sting: The amazing untold story of Britain's Second World War spy Thomas Sneum

The Hornet's Sting: The amazing untold story of Britain's Second World War spy Thomas Sneum

by Mark Ryan (Author)


The exploits of Tommy Sneum, the Danish-born spy who died in 2007, made him a legend in espionage circles. But until now, the full extraordinary story of Sneum's action-packed career as a British-run spy has never been told. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with Sneum, Mark Ryan describes how Tommy made an incredible escape from Denmark in a battered old Hornet Moth aircraft - which he had to refuel in mid-air by climbing out on the wing. Later, he escaped from Denmark again - by walking across a treacherous frozen sea on which two of his companions died. Tommy brought over precious intelligence about the Nazi radar installations in Denmark and their atom bomb - his reward was to be imprisoned in Brixton as a suspected double agent and threatened with execution. He cheated the hangman - but it is only with the publication of this enthralling book that Sneum can be celebrated as, in the words of Professor R.V. Jones, Churchill's chief of scientific intelligence, 'one of the true heroes of World War II'.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Publisher: Piatkus
Published: 03 Sep 2009

ISBN 10: 0749909919
ISBN 13: 9780749909918
Book Overview: Thomas Sneum's story is amazing and it inspired my novel, Hornet Flight. His true story is the kind that should be remembered by future generations.' Ken Follett

Media Reviews
this book offers an exciting glimpse into the underworld life of an agent of espionage. FAMILY HISTORY MONTHLY Even fictional spy masters James Bond and Jason Bourne would be hard-pressed to match the real-life adventures of Thomas Sneum ... a treat for fans of wild WW2 yarns.' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
Author Bio
Mark Ryan has been a journalist for over 20 years, and this is his fourth non-fiction book. He first heard about Sneum in 1994 and followed a trail for a number of years which finally led him to Sneum - who eventually agreed to help piece together this account of his amazing life.