IQ and Psychometric Tests: Assess Your Personality Aptitude and Intelligence (Testing Series)

IQ and Psychometric Tests: Assess Your Personality Aptitude and Intelligence (Testing Series)

by PhilipCarter (Author)


This title includes over 400 brand new questions. Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only use a fraction of our potential brainpower. And, while most of us believe there is little we can do to improve the brain we were born with, it has been proven that thought processes can be improved and sharpened by attempting various types of test. This new title from IQ expert Philip Carter consists of tests and exercises designed to stretch and exercise, as well as entertain, the mind. The concept of IQ is broadening to include different types of intelligence, such as creativity and emotional intelligence; this book reflects that shift. As well as IQ tests, it contains tests in the areas of : verbal intelligence; spatial appreciation; numerical calculation; logical reasoning; memory; creativity; lateral thinking; mental agility; and personality. Through practice, it is possible to improve your IQ rating or performance at psychometric tests, and this book provides an ideal opportunity for doing just that.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 263
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Kogan Page
Published: 19 Dec 2003

ISBN 10: 0749441186
ISBN 13: 9780749441180

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Provides the opportunity for identifying your own strengths and weaknesses. Philip Carter's style of writing is easy to understand, worth reading and also enjoyable. Career Secretary
Author Bio
Philip Carter Philip Carter is a UK IQ test expert who is continually devising new IQ tests and puzzles. A best-selling author, he has written over 100 books on all aspects of testing, crosswords, puzzles and reasoning. These include Test Your IQ and The Times Book of IQ Tests (Books One, Two and Three), and IQ and Psychometric Tests, all of which are published by Kogan Page.