Europe's Lost Civilization

Europe's Lost Civilization

by PeterMarshall (Author)


Set in some of the wildest and most beautiful places in Europe, the megaliths of the stone age prompt many questions: who built them and why? Do they throw light on our origins? What mysteries are encoded in their stones? Peter Marshall argues that the megaliths are the beguiling remnants of a highly advanced lost civilisation of Europe. He sails from Scotland via Ireland, Wales, England and France to the Mediterranean islands in a small boat, proving that ancient mariners made such long-distance journeys. He meets experts, enthusiasts and local characters, uses geology, archaeology, astronomy and engineering and includes myths, legends, stories and anecdotes to illustrate his theory. Europe's Lost Civilization is an exciting travel adventure and a compelling detective story, a fascinating physical, intellectual and spiritual quest into an ancient mystery.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 338
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Published: 04 May 2004

ISBN 10: 0747242011
ISBN 13: 9780747242017

Author Bio
Peter Marshall sailed the world as a cadet in the Merchant Navy before teaching English in Senegal, West Africa. He returned to England to take a BA at London University and a doctorate at Sussex. He taught literature and philosophy at several British universities before becoming a full-time writer in 1980. His circumnavigation of Africa was made into a major TV series and his voyage round Ireland a BBC radio series.