Care (Key Concepts series)

Care (Key Concepts series)

by Prof Judith Phillips (Author)


Care is a diverse and evolving concept. It is taken as a natural part of life yet it is shaped by philosophical, ideological, political and economic arguments concerning its definition and purpose as well as how, where and to whom it is provided and funded. This lucid book provides an introduction to the concept of care, mapping out and unravelling the complex debates that surround its theory and practice. Key aspects of care, such as boundaries, cultural and geographical spheres of care, the ethics of care and citizenship, are explored in full. For social workers, nurses and those engaged in social care the book also aims to deepen understanding of professional experiences, assumptions and values by examining practice and decision-making. Appropriate practice scenarios and issues appear throughout to encourage the reader to reflect on professional issues including the risks associated with care, care management, partnership working, ecological and empowerment approaches. The book concludes with a framework for a reconceptualisation of care, located within the challenges of technological advances and globalisation. Care will appeal to students in the social and health sciences and social care professions and anyone reflecting on the importance of care in their work.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 216
Edition: 1
Publisher: Polity
Published: 26 Aug 2007

ISBN 10: 0745629776
ISBN 13: 9780745629773

Media Reviews
This book will probably show even experienced workers aspects that they have not considered. Professional Social Work Care has been a popular topic of study and research for many decades and, as Judith Phillips comprehensively demonstrates, it remains infinitely researchable ... The book will be useful for all students and researchers of social policy and social gerontology. Ageing and Society Phillips's book takes a fresh look at the much debated and researched concept of care. The author not only reviews current thinking on the subject and what has shaped that thinking but also provides some interesting new perspectives, illustrated through a range of real life situations and case studies. This is a very useful guide to a complex and much discussed topic. It will be an important resource for students and teachers who are looking for new ways forward on the subject of care. Julia Johnson, Open University Care counts at a number of levels. This book engages the reader in numerous ways by tracking the development of social care, exploring its relevance to professional practice and public services and posing a set of questions about its future. Judith Phillips cogently analyses 'care'. Her volume will be a key resource for students, researchers and professionals in unlocking the perplexities of the subject. Jill Manthorpe, King's College, London
Author Bio
Judith E. Phillips is Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Keele.