The Stakeholding Society: Writings on Politics and Economics

The Stakeholding Society: Writings on Politics and Economics

by WillHutton (Author)


For over a decade Will Hutton has been one of Britaina s leading progressive voices. He has been at the centre of every significant economic and political debate that has reshaped and reimagined the British centre--left: the mounting calls for a democratic constitutional settlement, the criticisms of the short--termism of the domestic and international financial systems, the idea of a stakeholding society. In The State Wea re In he combined all three in a passionate and powerful diagnosis of Britaina s problems and the possibility of a just and democratic renewal. This collection brings together the full range of Huttona s work as a journalist, pamphleteer and essayist, advocate and critic, and shows the spectrum of issues with which he has engaged. Yet Hutton has remained true to his best journalistic instincts. He has proved to be not only an acute thinker but an engaged writer and effective popularizer. Brought together, his work over the last ten years represents the emergence of a new politics and new political imagination in Britain. Founded on a coherent critique of neo--liberal economic orthodoxy and monetarist practice, and a sophisticated reassessment of neo--Keynesianism, Hutton has put the politics back into political economy. The case he makes for new economic institutions, the regulation of global capital markets, the refounding of British industry, has always been matched by the complementary requirements of a new politics which is consensual, democratic, open and innovative and which must be pursued as much in Brussels and the regions and nations of the UK as at Westminster.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 296
Edition: 1
Publisher: Polity
Published: 06 Dec 1998

ISBN 10: 0745620795
ISBN 13: 9780745620794

Media Reviews
a Will Hutton believes that economic activity and decisions should be made compatible with the well--being of human society by using the power of democracy. His special talent is to explain lucidly why that should happen, to show rationally how it can happen, and to do both tirelessly. The Stakeholding Society proves that again. Other political and economic commentators provide analysis. Hutton offers real answers too.a Neil Kinnock, European Commissioner, Leader of the Labour Party 1983--92 a Will Hutton belongs to the great tradition of the scholar--journalist. His range is extraordinarily wide; his writing is fresh and hard--hitting; above all, he has a marvellous capacity to make unexpected connections and provoke new thinking. Hutton is a pathfinder in the world--wide search for a new political economy marrying the dynamism of the capitalist market economy with the core social--democratic values of justice and solidarity. This book is an important signpost to a new left--of--centre politics.a Professor David Marquand, Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford a Will Huttona s The State Wea re In has had more influence on the policy debate than any other book published in the 1990s, challenging the assumptions of the Thatcher era and helping to shape a new climate. The essays and articles contained in The Stakeholding Society take the argument an exciting stage further. Readable, rigorous, bursting with the intellectual energy that is Huttona s hallmark as a journalist and thinker, this book will stimulate and infuriate and become--in its turn --a catalyst for change.a Ben Pimlott, Warden of Goldsmitha s College, London a Will Hutton is the authentic intellectual voice of the British left. Anyone interested in the ideas which are shaping the transformation of Thatcherism into Blaira s new Britain should read this book.a Anatole Kaletsky, The Times a The Stakeholding Society elegantly showcases Huttona s not inconsiderable skills as the informed journalist ... Huttona s work has the rare qualities of passion and thoughtful reason. His popularity as an accessible advocate of profound change in capitalism ... is highly recognisable from this collection.a International Journal of Employment Studies
Author Bio
Will Hutton is Editor in Chief of The Observer. He is one of Britiana s most distinguished journalists and the author of The State Wea re In (1995, Vintage) and The State to Come (1997, Vintage).