Flood Tide

Flood Tide

by Clive Cussler (Author)


A fabulously wealthy Chinese businessman is making a fortune smuggling Chinese immigrants. Dirk Pitt becomes suspicious and begins to track him. The trail leads him from Washington to Louisiana where the villain is building a huge shipping port - apparently in the middle of nowhere. Pitt's continuing investigation reveals that his instincts were right - he is on the tail of a master villain and not only lives are at stake. Dirk Pitt must stop him at all costs.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Edition: Reissue
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Published: 02 Sep 2002

ISBN 10: 0743449770
ISBN 13: 9780743449779

Author Bio
Clive Cussler is as active an adventurer as his fictional heroes which adds a thrilling authenticity to his writing. He is an avid collector of classic cars and has 75 examples of hand-built coachwork. He lives in Colorado with his wife and 3 children.