Bruja (Angel S.)

Bruja (Angel S.)

by Mel Odom (Author)


Even the streetwise populace of Los Angeles is stunned when a priest is attacked by a woman who confesses to the murder of her own son. At the same time, Angel Investigations turns up reports of a madwoman who appears at gang fights, playgrounds and flophouses frequented by teenage runaways...She seems to be everywhere. She is a 'bruja' - a witch - and the living embodiment of La Llorona - the 'weeping woman' who plays such a central role in Spanish lore. Wherever she is, a trail of death follows her. The priest lapses into a coma. Doyle is wracked by visions of a young mother and her son in danger, down by the dockside. Cordelia finds herself on the trail of a film producer's missing wife. It is up to Angel to find the connection between them before he is stopped by the phantom whose touch brings death...and all of them are running out of time.


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Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 336
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 03 Sep 2001

ISBN 10: 0743407016
ISBN 13: 9780743407014

Author Bio
Mel Odom has written over sixty books which include the novelisation of the movie BLADE and original novels for both the Buffy and Angel series. He has written fantasy, game related fiction, science fiction, movie novelisations, horror, young adult, juvenile, computer strategy guides, action-adventure and comics.