From the Dust Returned

From the Dust Returned

by RayBradbury (Author)


Enter the strange world of the Elliott will change you forever; In the Attic where the Rain Touched the Roof Softly on Spring Days and where you Could Feel the Mantle of Snow Outside, A Few Inches Away, on December Nights, A Thousand-Time Great Grandmere Existed. Siie did not Live, Nor was She Eternally Dead, She...Existed. She is the grandmother of the Elliott family, which includes mind-readers, vampires and many others...maybe. In a strange old house, they gradually come together, mixing their arcane skills and lifestyles, falling in and out of love and changing the world around them forever. You have never seen their like before.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 215
Edition: First Edition, First Impression
Publisher: Earthlight
Published: 05 Nov 2001

ISBN 10: 0743207599
ISBN 13: 9780743207591

Author Bio
Ray Bradbury is one of the Twentieth Century's most celebrated writers of fiction. Author of Farenheit 451, the Martian Chronicles and Something Wicked this Way Comes among many other books, he has also written extensively for theatre and cinema - including the screenplay for John Huston's classic film of Moby Dick. He lives in California with his wife.