Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion

Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion

by Rolf Wirhed Fil Lic (Author)


This new edition of a popular textbook provides a lucid introduction to anatomy within the context of athletics covering the physics and engineering of sport and the athletic body. It presents specific analysis of exercises designed to improve jumping ability, throwing ability, kicking ability, height, strength, mobility and agility. The general characteristics of bone, joints and muscles are related to their function in specific sports. Guidelines for flexibility and strength training are included, and the biomechanical aspects of exercise are elucidated from both theoretical and practical perspectives. "Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion" is a bridge between the biomechanics and the practice of sport. The organisation begins with chapters on the relevant anatomy and basic mechanics and working through to the application of this theory in sport. Chapters 1, General Anatomy of Bones, Joints and Muscles, and 6, Sports Mechanics, have been extensively revised for this new edition. In addition, the further reading section is updated and expanded, and all of the anatomical terminology has been reviewed to ensure that it is correct and up to date. The successful, straightforward style of illustration will be retained. Approximately 40 new artworks have been added. Overall the changes have increased the size of the book by 40 pages. Review of the first edition: "Very interesting and informative and, at the price, I would recommend it to both students and qualified staff. It is well set out with over three hundred very good diagrams covering anatomy, physiology and exercises. The biomechanics should prove useful either as new or refresher material before proceeding to the more weighty tomes on this subject." - "Physiotherapy".


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: 2
Publisher: Mosby
Published: 20 May 1997

ISBN 10: 0723426430
ISBN 13: 9780723426431