Magical Book: Divine ways to live your life wisely

Magical Book: Divine ways to live your life wisely

by NicoleSommesous (Author)


A rich and magical book filled with the author's unique treasure trove of mystical help and guidance. For all sorts of advice, protection, charms and understanding, the Magical Book is a wise friend and counsel. A wonderful treasure packed full of different divination practices -- from astrology, chakras and gems to incense, palm readings and prayers -- to help you live your life wisely. Whether you are looking for advice, protection, attraction or understanding, consult the Magical Book and find out why carrying a prickle from a red rose in your wallet will protect you and sage by your front door will take away bad luck; work out the meaning of your number, your rune and tarot card -- or see what a domino or egyptian astrology reading will tell you. Did you know that: Charms * a bell will ward off danger * a fish will help to realise your dreams Incense * amber brings protection, luck and money * hyacinth brings love Candles * white brings the truth and power * green brings money and wealth A Magical Book is the result of Nicole Sommesous's 20 years work as a psychic tarot reader and world traveller living in different cultures.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Thorsons
Published: 15 Nov 1999

ISBN 10: 0722538987
ISBN 13: 9780722538982

Author Bio
Nicole has travelled the world since the 1930's. She has lived with many different people in many different cultures where her natural talent as a psychic healer has helped her to be allowed to learn local magical secrets.