A Woman’s Kabbalah: Kabbalah for the 21st Century

A Woman’s Kabbalah: Kabbalah for the 21st Century

by VivianneCrowley (Author)


The resurgence of interest in the Kabbalah, particularily among women, is thanks to the universal appeal of the teachings which reach beyond the Jewish tradition where it was born into powerful spiritual truths. The Kabbalah links the Western and Eastern spiritual traditions and it influences tarot, astrology, numerology and magic as it embraces the growth of the soul through the eternal Tree of Life. In this book, Vivianne Crowley makes the traditions of Kabbalah available to people from all backgrounds and faiths. The book combines a theoretical explanation of the system with a practical system for using the Kabbalah in our everyday lives.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Thorsons
Published: 17 Jun 2000

ISBN 10: 0722538790
ISBN 13: 9780722538791

Author Bio
Vivianne Crowley is renowned within the Pagan community for her books Wicca, Pheonix from the Flame. She is a priestess who has a Phd in Psychology and lectures at King's College University of London. She is unique in the way that she is able to weave paganism and other traditions with Jungian explanation and understanding.