Now We Are Sixty: 20th Anniversary Edition

Now We Are Sixty: 20th Anniversary Edition

by Christopher Matthew (Author), Christopher Matthew (Author)


When Christopher Matthew was six, the poems of Milne always reassured him that other children were as naughty as he was, so on reaching sixty he decided that he should adapt Now We Are Six for an older audience. Now We Are Sixty is often hilarious, sometimes rueful and always thought-provoking. Some verses are about realising we are not as young as we thought, while some are about the more disconcerting problems of modern life; mobile telephones on trains, anti-social behaviour, traffic jams and the internet.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 112
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: John Murray
Published: 10 Oct 2019

ISBN 10: 0719559790
ISBN 13: 9780719559792
Book Overview: Taking some of A.A. Milne's best-known poems - such as Buckingham Palace and The King's Breakfast - Matthew presents some rewrites for the 60-year-old. Some are about Suddenly-Realizing-You're-Much-Older-Than-You-Thought, others about Difficulties-Of-Coping-With-Modern-Life.

Media Reviews
This affectionate tribute to Milne follows the familiar rhythms and rhyme schemes of the master * The Oldie *
Matthews retains the rhythms of the originals while neatly and wittily updating them to fit the modern world ... aided and abetted by David Eccles' faithfully rendered illustrations. * Glasgow Herald *
humorous pastiches ... a charming book * Glasgow Herald *
Author Bio
Apart from Now We Are Sixty, Christopher Matthew, is best known for his Diary of a Somebody and its accident-prone hero Simon Crisp, whom Sheridan Morley called 'one of the greatest comic characters of our time'. He has been a columnist for most of the major newspapers, currently writes on books and TV for the Daily Mail, and is well known as a broadcaster. He lives in London and Suffolk.