Knock Down (The Dick Francis Library)

Knock Down (The Dick Francis Library)

by Dick Francis (Author)


Steeplechase jockeys, like all other professional sportsmen, have to find a second career for themselves as the years go by. Jonah Dereham, retiring from the saddle at thirty-two, chooses to become a bloodstock agent and spends his life travelling round racehorse sales, finding and bidding for the sort of horse each of his clients wants. Jonah wants only to mind his own business, but several disturbing incidents force him to realise that someone is out to ruin him, and to survive he has to find the answers. A couple of bully boys begin to put the boot in, and Jonah finds himself progressively forced to fight for the survival of his brother who hits the bottle; helped by a blonde in an orange MGB, he presses onward to a rough conclusion.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Published: 27 Jul 2000

ISBN 10: 0718131452
ISBN 13: 9780718131456

Author Bio
Dick Francis has written forty books, all of them bestsellers, the last being SECOND WIND. He is widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest thriller writers.