The Pool of Memory: The Autobiography of an Unwilling Intuitive

The Pool of Memory: The Autobiography of an Unwilling Intuitive

by Michal Levin (Author)


An acclaimed intuitive tells the compelling story of her conversion - unsought, unwanted - from a mainstream media professional to become a spiritual teacher. 'Provides fascinating evidence of an extraordinary interaction between meditation and acute physical illness. I have read it with great interest.' Lord Rees-Mogg 'This book takes the reader on an extraordinary journey into the soul. Michal Levin's courage and wisdom shine through each word, and cannot fail to move and inspire.' Bel Mooney 'The story of the unsought spiritual unfolding of a remarkable woman who by dint of tremendous courage and faith in herself realised a gift beyond price. Michal Levin has, in turn given her readers the gift of her hard-won wisdom in this inspiring and altogether gripping book.' Kenneth Ring, Professor Emeritus of Psychology University of Connecticut, author of 'Heading Toward Omega'.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Edition: New
Publisher: Newleaf
Published: Sep 1999

ISBN 10: 0717129489
ISBN 13: 9780717129485

Author Bio
Michal Levin lives and works in west London. She has a son and a daughter.