The Quantum Dot: Journey into the Future of Microelectronics

The Quantum Dot: Journey into the Future of Microelectronics

by RichardTurton (Author)


The impact of microelectronics is apparent in fax machines, compact disc players, children's toys and, of course, the computer. This book is about the tiny electronic devices which have made all of this possible. It begins at the level of atoms and electrons, considers the special properties of silicon and shows how these are utilized in devices such as the semiconductor laser and the transistor. Following a brief excursion into how transistors are used to form the basic elements of a computer, the book looks at the process of integrating a large number of these devices onto a single small slice of silicon - a silicon chip. The author goes on to deal with some of the recent developments which involve tiny structures, sometimes only a few atoms across, where the physical laws that apply are quite different to those we are familiar with in the everyday world. They give rise to strange phenomena which are often totally unexpected, even by the scientists studying them. But they are of far more than merely academic interest: they may well form the basis for future developments in microelectronics. This text is an introduction to the physics behind the microelectronic revolution, and an exploration of likely future advances in the field, with an emphasis throughout on providing a conceptual picture of the physical processes involved. Students of physics and of electrical engineering should find this a stimulating overview of the subject. The absence of mathematics makes the book accessible to general readers, even those with little or no previous knowledge of physics or electronics.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: 1st ed
Publisher: W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd
Published: 31 Mar 1995

ISBN 10: 0716745178
ISBN 13: 9780716745174