Easy PC: The computer book that tells you what the others assume you know

Easy PC: The computer book that tells you what the others assume you know

by Kenneth Mole (Author)


Switch on your computer and discover a whole new world. Unlike most 'beginner' guides, Easy PC assumes readers have absolutely no previous knowledge of computers, and takes them by the hand through their first teetering steps into Windows XP or Vista. And, unlike most other computer guides, Easy PC benefits from being written not by a technical guru but by an ordinary person who understands the problems faced by computer virgins.

From the very basic skills of using a mouse, learning how to single- and double-click, opening files and programs, through to using DVDs, email and the Internet, Dr Mole avoids baffling techno-jargon and explains each new term in a plain English index. In no time at all, even complete technophobes will be word-processing, managing documents, drawing pictures, emailing and surfing the Web with ease.

Praise for the previous edition:

'A helpful little paperback... ruthless in its clarity.' The Evening Standard

'Simple, practical information that most other so-called beginners' guides leave out.' The Bookseller


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Edition: Re-issue
Publisher: Right Way
Published: 28 Aug 2008

ISBN 10: 0716021935
ISBN 13: 9780716021933
Book Overview: Just bought your first PC? Don't know your ISP from your mouse? Fed up with being told It's obvious! ? Easy PC is just the answer

Author Bio
Dr Kenneth Mole is not a computer expert: he is an ordinary person who - like so many other people - bought his first PC, plugged it in, and thought, What next? Trial, error, patience and a little help from his friends eased him along the path to 'Windows Enlightenment', so that now he wants to help anyone get the most out of their first computer.