Phantoms of the High Seas

Phantoms of the High Seas

by PhilipMacDougall (Author)


The seas and oceans of the world guard their secrets well. This is an attempt to uncover the truth behind a myriad of maritime mysteries and curious supernatural events, based only on facts which are proved beyond reasonable doubt. As a result, some of the more famous hauntings and tales of cursed ships have been rejected since, on closer examination, they appear to rest on little more than long-held superstition or malicious rumour. Other stories of seafaring ghosts cannot be so easily dismissed. One example is the case of the small paddle-steamer Asp , which for years was subjected to unexplained happenings and the recurring appearance of a wandering female passenger. These events are supported by strong independent evidence. This book examines the facts, along with other maritime mysteries involving ships such as the Great Eastern , the Titanic , the Flying Dutchman and some which are less well-known.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: David & Charles
Published: 27 Jun 1991

ISBN 10: 0715398342
ISBN 13: 9780715398340