Streamlined Steam: Britain's 1930s Luxury Expresses

Streamlined Steam: Britain's 1930s Luxury Expresses

by A. J. Mullay (Author)


Focusing on a significant period of experimentation in railway engineering, this book provides a history of style, luxury and innovation on Britain's railways in the 1930s. The grey arrow that was the "Silver Jubilee" express, the blue and white stripes of the "Coronation Scot", the two-tone blue "Coronation" and "West Riding Limited" - these were the colours of the British streamlined expresses when the LNER and LMS companies competed to operate the fastest, most exciting trains of their age. Here they can be seen again, their styling reflecting the modernist and technological aspirations of the times, in photographs enhanced by the quality of duotone printing. With a detailed critical commentary, using original documentation, this is their story.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Edition: 2
Publisher: David & Charles
Published: 29 Jun 1994

ISBN 10: 0715301713
ISBN 13: 9780715301715