Name Dropping: A No-nonsense Guide to the Use of Names in Everyday Language

Name Dropping: A No-nonsense Guide to the Use of Names in Everyday Language

by Mr Philip Gooden (Author)


Ever had a Hitchcockian experience (in the shower perhaps?!) or met someone with a distinctly Ortonesque outlook on life? There are hundreds of words derived from real people who are famous - or infamous - enough to give their stamp to a movement, a way of thinking or acting, a style or even a mood. Name Dropping? is an essential guide to the better known or more intriguing of these terms from figures in politics, sport, and the arts. A valuable, interesting and often humorous resource for those looking for definitions or simply browsing for pleasure. Entries are listed alphabetically with full explanations, examples from the press and other media, guidance on usage and a 'Pretentiousness Index.'


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Published: 29 Sep 2006

ISBN 10: 0713675888
ISBN 13: 9780713675887
Book Overview: Over 400 commonly found terms Organised in a handy A-Z format Gives examples of usage from the media Rates words according to a Pretentiousness Scale A humorous, yet highly useful read From the author of the bestseller, Who's Whose?

Media Reviews
'This book is... intruiging and should be of interest to high-level students, learners taking cultural studies courses and anyone mystified as to the origins of the names included.' BEBC (2007) 'It is about time that these usages [of names] were brought together in a single dictionary which word lovers will enjoy.' Writing Magazine (March 2007)
Author Bio
Philip Gooden is author of the acclaimed Who's Whose? and Faux Pas?, has written several novels and taught English at secondary level for many years.