Tudor Tales: The Thief, the Fool and the Big Fat King

Tudor Tales: The Thief, the Fool and the Big Fat King

by TerryDeary (Author)


Every day, hapless hopefuls - or 'coneys', as the locals call them - come to dirty and dangerous London town, trying to seek their fortunes. Who is waiting for them? Tricksters and conmen, that's who - like young Eleanor's family. Eleanor becomes troubled by her family's cunning and foils their plans to catch a coney. Meanwhile, fearsome King Henry VIII has some rather cruel ideas of justice ...for everyone. Don't miss www.teary-deary.com - the author's own fantastic website, with detailed information about all our books, plus others, about Terry as a writer, as well as extracts, quizzes, games and activities.


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Format: Illustrated
Pages: 64
Publisher: A&C Black Childrens & Educational
Published: 30 Jun 2003

ISBN 10: 0713664347
ISBN 13: 9780713664348
Children’s book age: 9-11 Years
Book Overview: The Tudor Tales books are pacy, funny stories, full of the subversive wit and sharp observations which makes Terry Deary's bestselling non-fiction so appealing. Plus ... readers will relish the darkly authentic Tudor settings. Each story follows the fate of a young child who could have existed in Tudor times and often involve real historical events, and often real personalities. Each book features one of the main Tudor monarchs, including Henry VII, Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Many of the sites featured in the stories can be visited today: the Globe Theatre, Hampton Court Palace, Hardwick Hall and Surtees House. Perfect as springboards for further study of the Tudors, as well as being brilliant books for an age-group that is hungry for imaginative, innovative stories.

Author Bio
Terry needs no introduction as one of the most popular children's authors writing today. His first book, The Custard Kid, was published by A&C Black in 1978 and has recently been re-issued in the Black Cats series, together with seven other Deary classics. Today he is best-known as the author of the Horrible Histories series, which has been translated into numerous languages, and several other historical series including the Tudor Terrors and the Time Travellers.