Easy Gardening

Easy Gardening

by Miranda Beaufort (Author), Jane Nicholas (Author)


Questions of what to plant where tax many a gardener - novices especially. What plants will look good with each other? How can you make a planting that will be attractive for more than a few weeks of the year? What can you plant in a 'difficult' spot? This book completely removes the pressure of making such decisions. It makes successful planting easy, by providing simple planting recipes for a variety of garden situations. The authors recommend perfect plants for different places - from a hot sunny southfacing corner to a dry dark shady area - and show you how to combine them into beautiful schemes. For each situation the planting is presented as a recipe, with a list of what plants you need and how many of each to order. Colour photographs illustrate the individual plants. A planting plan shows the layout of the planting and the positioning of the plants. Individual descriptions of each plant describe its characteristics, such as size and flowering time, and its particular requirements. There are also lists of optional additional plantings to enhance the planting at different times of the year. Each recipe comes with notes on the general care needed to look after the planting and to ensure that the plants perform at their best. It's easy!


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Published: 01 Oct 2004

ISBN 10: 0711223858
ISBN 13: 9780711223851

Author Bio
The Duchess of Beaufort and Jane Nicholas have worked together since 1980. During that time they have designed many gardens, and they have continued to visit and oversee the development of many of these after planting. They have evolved a style that combines homage to traditional English gardening with the sophistication of modern plants and techniques. John Glover's garden photography has appeared in many books and articles around the world. He has won the Garden Writers' Association award for Best Calendar Photography three times (1999, 2000 and 2001), the Garden Writers' Guild Features Photographer of the Year (2002) and the Garden Writers' Association Garden Globe Award for Best Talent Photography (2003).