Scented Containers: Easy Ideas for Year-round Fragrance

Scented Containers: Easy Ideas for Year-round Fragrance

by SueFisher (Author)


Turn your entire house into an aromatic paradise! Imagine walking through your living room and whiffing the rich perfume of a pot of lilies; then, as you cross the dining room, pausing to crush a few leaves of calamint in your fingers to release their pungent, minty aroma; then, strolling into the kitchen to inhale the scent of a few stems of sweetpeas; and, before heading for your bedroom, luxuriating in the evening aroma of gleaming white tobacco plants. A host of ideas and instructions show you how to arrange scented containers --"portable perfume" --indoors and outdoors, for every season and mood.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 127
Edition: 1st Pbk. Ed
Publisher: Cassell Illustrated
Published: 05 Aug 1999

ISBN 10: 0706378008
ISBN 13: 9780706378009