Lecture Notes on Psychiatry

Lecture Notes on Psychiatry

by Michael Sharpe (Author), Michael Sharpe (Author), Paul Harrison (Author), John Geddes (Author)


Lecture Notes on Psychiatry is a concise book that stresses the clinical approach whilst providing the essential background knowledge required for a thorough grounding in evidence-based psychiatry. The book is aimed primarily at medical students although anyone wanting a lucid account of principles of psychiatric practice will find the book a fount of wisdom. It has been written by a team of experienced teachers and thoroughly reviewed by a general practitioner to ensure that the book is relevant to the modern medical curriculum. The book approaches psychiatry as part of medical practice both within the community and within the hospital setting. A unique chapter on the clinical appraisal of a patient's mental state is followed by clear accounts of the important disorders, their causes and their treatment. It provides a balanced, evidence-based approach, integrating the three essential elements of psychiatry: biology, psychology and sociology.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
Edition: 8th Edition
Publisher: Wiley–Blackwell
Published: 19 Jun 1998

ISBN 10: 063203677X
ISBN 13: 9780632036776

Media Reviews
.. .I found this book useful because of its relative simplicity: I was able to use it to understand the core course content in its simplest terms without getting lost in the enormousness of the speciality. Barts and The London Student prereview quotes: .. .an essential read for medical students and mental health trainees. .. .concise, readable...altogether a much better read than the usual dense texts of psychiatry. .. .the chapter on the clinical appraisal of patients is excellent. I will use it in exams as well as in the clinic.