Groups: Theory and Experience

Groups: Theory and Experience

by RodneyW.Napier (Author)


Reflecting the authors' unique combination of academic expertise and group consultant experience, this new edition of Groups includes the latest Research on group dynamics and the most current views on ways to make working in groups more effective. Napier and Gershenfeld present complex concepts in a way that makes them more understandable, recognizing that readers are more familiar with the dynamics of the individual behavior and building on that knowledge to teach group theory.

Throughout the text they are presented with tools that help them apply concepts and theories. Case studies provide real-life context, and Reader Activities (reflective exercises) and Individual Experiments--creation and observation of group situations--engage readers in the learning process by asking them to apply what they learn to their own lives. At the end of every chapter, For Further Information sections list book and Web resources to provide an expanded perspective of concepts discussed in the book.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 608
Edition: 7th edition
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Published: 31 Jul 2003

ISBN 10: 0618270442
ISBN 13: 9780618270446

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1. Perception and Communication 2. Membership 3. Norms, Group Pressures, and Deviancy 4. Goals 5. Leadership 6. A Systems View of Small Group Behavior 7. Group Problem Solving and Decision Making 8. The Nature of Group Conflict 9. The Evolution of Groups 10. From Groups to Teams: The Evolution of Working Teams in Organizational Life 11. Small Group Processes: Two Contemporary Applications