Choosing and Keeping Chickens

Choosing and Keeping Chickens

by Chris Graham (Author)


More and more people, even those in cities, are keeping chickens, tempted by the appeal of eating fresh free-range eggs. This comprehensive guide covers everything from choosing a breed to ensuring they are happy, healthy and productive. How do I make their house secure? What if I go on holiday? Will they get on with my children? All your questions and more are answered. "Choosing and Keeping Chickens" includes a gallery of 60 of the most popular breeds, from the Dorking to the Silkie.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Edition: Later printing
Publisher: Hamlyn
Published: 15 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 0600614387
ISBN 13: 9780600614388
Book Overview: Introduction. The history of chickens. Why keep chickens. Are they the right choice for you. Choosing chickens. Which breed? A gallery of over 60 of the most popular birds. Includes: Ancona. Brahma. Cochin. Frizzle. Leghorn. Silkie. Vorwerk. Setting up for chickens. Buying birds. Chicken houses. Safety and security. Looking after chickens. Routine care. Handling. Feeding and nutrition. Health and wellbeing. Planning for the future. Breeding. Showing. Making the most of the eggs. All your questions answered. Index and acknowledgments.

Author Bio
Chris Graham is an experienced freelance writer and professional photographer, and has been editor of Practical Poultry magazine since its launch in 2004. As well as poultry, he writes on other subjects including motoring, football and cookery. He is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and the author of an instructional guide to MIG welding. Location: UK.