Hydrostatics and Strength (v.1) (Basic Ship Theory)

Hydrostatics and Strength (v.1) (Basic Ship Theory)

by K.J.Rawson (Author), E.C.Tupper (Author)


Incorporates new material following research into the sea disasters of the past ten years, extends the concepts of fatigue , whole ship dynamics and understanding of structural failure and includes coverage of new ship regulations. It also applies principles to novel ship types, uses Si, US and Imperial units in parallel throughout, includes over 50 examples with answers to encourage practice and consolidate learning, provides up-to-date reference material and presents numerous diagrams to support and clarify the text. Volume One discusses the blend of art and science in current naval architecture. It considers the marine vehicle from fundamental principles and examines the basic concepts of ship design, from geometry and measurement through to the interaction of human factors and the ship environment. Core: Degree courses in Naval architecture, ocean, offshore, maritime and marine engineering.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Edition: 4
Publisher: Longman
Published: 09 Oct 1994

ISBN 10: 0582219221
ISBN 13: 9780582219229