Dead and Gone: A True Blood Novel

Dead and Gone: A True Blood Novel

by Charlaine Harris (Author)


Now it's the turn of the weres and shifters to follow the lead of the undead and reveal their existence to the ordinary world. Sookie Stackhouse already knows about them, of course - her brother turns into a panther at the full moon, she's friend to the local Were pack and Sam, her boss at Merlotte's bar, is a shifter. At first the great Were revelation seems to go well - then the horribly mutilated body of a were-panther is found outside Merlotte's. Though Sookie never cared that much for the victim, no one deserves such a horrible death, so she agrees to use her telepathic talent to track down the murderer. But what Sookie doesn't realise is that there is a far greater danger than this killer threatening Bon Temps: a race of unhuman beings, older, more powerful and far more secretive than the vampires or the werewolves is preparing for war ...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Edition: Export ed
Publisher: Gollancz
Published: 21 May 2009

ISBN 10: 0575085517
ISBN 13: 9780575085510
Book Overview: The new Sookie Stackhouse adventure: a NEW YORK TIMES smash hit!

Media Reviews
Harris serves up a palatable mix of fantasy, horror, humour, romance and mystery. - The Cairns Post

[The novel s] implications are intriguing, and work to construct the contemporary Southern Gothic narrative as more than simply a headlong tale of terror. - ASIF

Harris is a prolific writer and Sookie is one of her enduring characters. Harris prose is tight, modern and quite funny. [A] great supernatural, romantic thriller. -

Harris has carved her niche in the plethora of paranormal series writing, with a strong heroine. - ASIF
Author Bio
Charlaine Harris is the author of several NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series. She is married, with children, and lives in Arkansas.