by RobertRankin (Author)


There is big and evil magic abroad upon the face of the Earth. History has been changed. The Germans have won WWII. America is a nuclear wasteland. And worst of all, the breakfast menu at The Wife's Legs Cafe in Brentford is serving Bratwurst rather than the proper big boys' British banger. Something is Not Right. And when the world's all wrong and it needs setting right, who're you gonna call? Hugo Rune, that's who. A man who offers the world his genius, and asks only, in return, that the world cover his expenses. And so, with the aid of his faithful acolyte and companion Rizla, the guru's guru, also known as the hokus bloke, the Lad Himself and the Retromancer*, sets out to rewrite history the way it should be. Together they return to war-torn London, to solve the twelve cosmic conundra based on Hugo Rune's personal tarot deck, each one leading them closer to a final terrifying confrontation. They must match their wits against beautiful spies, advanced alien technology, killer robots and death rays, do battle with an ancient god, and come face to face once more with Hugo Rune's arch-enemy, the sinister Count Otto Black, all the while finding time to drink ale, talk the toot and dine out in some of London's swankiest eateries. Without ever paying the bill.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Gollancz
Published: 17 Dec 2009

ISBN 10: 0575078723
ISBN 13: 9780575078727

Media Reviews
Once again, you're in for a Robert Rankin rollercoaster ride. TOTAL SCI FI Retromancer does at least tell a ripping yarn. SFX It's easy to see why Rankin has a huge cult following. Drawing on a rich vein of English humour that encompasses Python, Adams and Stanshall, his comedy-fantasies are filled with pop culture references, music hall wordplay and ironic quips galore. -- Jonathan Wright BBC FOCUS Simultaneously funny, silly, clever, linguistically deft and sometimes very childish. A fine slab of silliness. BOOK GEEKS When an author is enjoying himself this much you can't help but go along for the ride and what a ride it is! I couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. GRAEME'S FANTASY BOOK REVIEW Spies, robots and death rays make an appearance, with a lashing of vibrant humour. If you have a vivid imagination, you'll love this. SCARLET If you like this sort of silliness, you'll like this because, well, this is that sort of silliness. There really is no point asking Rankin to grow up. It's way too late. WHARF Rankin's traditionally in-your-face humour is fully in evidence in Retromancer, gearing it up to 11 and rarely, if ever, letting go of the reader's attention. We loved it and we suspect that you might too. SCI FI NOW
Author Bio
Robert Rankin is an unrepentant Luddite who writes his bestselling novels by hand in exercise books. He is the author of THE HOLLOW CHOCOLATE BUNNIES OF THE APOCALYPSE, THE BRENTFORD TRILOGY (5 books) and many more. He lives with his wife in Brighton.